Fund Raising.

To help with your Fundraising, we at Custom Team have 2 main options for you.  Your own webstore and also Personalised Campaigns.  Below is a short explanation for each:

Your Own Webstore:

Every Club/Team/Charity and group struggle with Financing and always have a need for financing. We aim to help you have stylish Team/Club clothing while at the same time allow you to generate funds for your Club to help maintain or continue your growth. Due to our competitive pricing, our wholesale prices allow room for the club to add a small fee into each item. Meaning that every sale that goes through your webstore built by us, generates money for your club.

How it works:- 

Example:- If a Hoodie is sold to your club for a whole price of £18.00 approx.

The Club decides to sell their Hoodies to the members for £21.00 and this would be the price which would show on your webstore.  This would generate approx. £2.61 net on each sale of this item.

An email would be sent to the designated person of the club advising them of the sale through the webstore.  Monthly emails would go out to your Club advising you of the amount of money which is held in your Account with Custom Team. All funds can be requested to be paid from us and when the Club requires.

This is a great way to generate funds, sell club clothing and you have nothing to do. Let us take care of Everything.


A Campaign allows you to design a one off item which is to be sold as a special event/promotion or fund raising drive, so if you have a Large Event coming up rather than ordering in 100’s of T shirts and risk having stock left over.  You can have a campaign allowing customers to order and pay for their item prior to the event.  Allowing them to pick the item up when they arrive at your event.  There is no minimum or maximum order levels, leaving you with no risk and maximum profit.

With our campaign facility we can create a single page webstore for your cause dedicated to a durational fundraising campaign, whether it’s for a charity, school, club or a community event.  This powerful solution opens a gateway for your organisation to start raising money in less than five minutes. Making it one of the quickest ways to start raising money on line.

A great alternative to asking for cash donations. This will offer an incentive to donate money over a designated period (commonly 7-21days), your team members/customers or target audience will receive branded merchandise from a limited run of products, which shows that they support the club, team, school, charity or organisation.

This allows your organisation to spread the word and push out awareness or club branding. Click on the link below for an example of what this can look:


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